Trump Gets Booed At World Series

Is it okay to cheer a boo?

Given that it's nearly Halloween, we're bound to hear a lot more booing than usual, but if Donald Trump is involved, it's an entirely different sort of booing. That's what happened when he showed up to a World Series game and the crowd took to booing him. Now there's a big debate raging regarding whether or not it's okay to boo your own president. 

On the one hand, it's rude, for sure. You're also technically booing your team captain, even if he's the most incompetent, sorry excuse for a captain we've ever had, and that's saying something. On the other, this is a man who has made terrible decisions to worsen people's lives to the point of death (ISIS owes him so much) and has nothing but contempt for our laws and human decency, so why not boo him?

Do you think it's okay to boo Trump when you see him? Why or why not?

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