Trump Accuses Dems of Treason

Because of course he did.

The ironic thing is that it's probably one of the least disturbing or even treasonous things he's done himself.

Donald Trump is calling Democrats treasonous for not applauding his State of the Union Address. You guys... this is just achingly moronic while being disturbing at the same time. It's disturbing, of course, because for the actual POTUS to claim that someone is committing treason, it's usually a serious statement. We're not in typical times with a typically stately leader, however (did George W. Bush ever accuse anyone of treason?), so of course he said something this serious as a "tongue in cheek" remark, as the White House claimed the next day.

Do you think it's okay for the supposed leader of the nation to casually declare actions as treasonous like this? What's the worst thing that Trump has just casually said to date? Tell us in the chat.

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