Trashtag Challenge

Take out the trash, since politicians won't do it

The Green New Deal gives me so much hope, but as long as we have a Republican-controlled Sentate I can't see it going anywhere just yet and we seem to be running out of time. If we want to clean up this planet for future generations to not only enjoy but simply live on, we have to make drastic changes immediately. While the current Trashtag Challenge probably won't get us there, it's something we can do while we try to impeach those in office and wait to vote for those who could, you know, pass legislation to save our lives.

Has it really come to this? LOLSOB

The Trashtag Challenge basically challenges people to just pick up trash and tag themselves doing it with before and after shots, which is fantastic. I don't like they way "bored teenagers" are being shamed into doing it (the one thing every great mind has had in common, by the way, was boredom and time to try out their inventions and ideas) but I do love that people all over are jumping on board to pick up trash and make things a little bit better than they were yesterday.

Have you done the challenge? Share your experience in the chat.

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