Tracking the Periods Of Abortion Patients

Randall Williams is the Worst

What would you do if the Department of Health and Senior Services director of your state pretty much ignored maternal death cases but tracked the periods of every woman in your state who gets an abortion, personally reviewing each person's case? If that doesn't make you furious, you may not live in Missouri, where this is actually happening, and how it doesn't violate HIPAA laws, I don't know. This guy should be sued for violating the privacy of every patient rather than working for the government, and yet there he is.

Missourians are demanding that Gov. Parson get rid of Williams at the very least. I, for one, would demand some sort of compensation for each victim whose privacy he violated, and whatever consequences there are for violating HIPAA laws to begin with, as a start, but I'll take him being fired, too. Sign here if you want him gone, too.

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