Three Actions To Take Today

Can you help?

In a world that's rapidly changing, facing looming destruction and in the hands of buffoons who place dollar signs above human lives, we really need to be paying attention and working toward the greater good every single day. Here are three things you can do today.

1. Sign this petition for Medicare for All, but don't stop there. Educate about what medicare for all might mean for Americans, and how so many other countries where healthcare is a right thrive in ways we don't. Healthcare is one of the top causes of bankruptcy here and it shouldn't be.

2. Tell Mariott Hotels to break the silence regarding incidents of sexual harassment and assault in their hotels and to do something about it.

3. Check out these sobering floating cities in development because that's where we are headed. Then educate people around you about climate change and make sure you only vote for candidates who are working toward combating it. Please campaign for these candidates as well!

What are you doing to make the planet a little better today? Share your actions in the chat.

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