This is Not a "Hard Time to Be a Man"

That's not a thing.

Before we get into this, you know that a lot of the sexual harassment stories we've read about, while incredibly important, have distracted the media from things like the Republican tax plan and net neutrality, right? Be sure to look those things up and call your legislators about them every day!

But let's talk about the sexual harassment and the accusations coming out of the woodwork. People wonder why victims wait so long to report their attacks but it's really the first time in history that most people seem to be empathetic and to actually believe victims (and a huge portion of the public still doesn't even do that, unfortunately) so it's no wonder why they're finally coming forward! Victims are routinely shamed, blamed, put through hell and back only for perpetrators to get off scot-free and you wonder why they don't come forward?

But to all of the men crying that it's a "horrible time to be a guy" with all of these cases coming to light... Um, there's really no such thing, unless you're not white. Men still have most roles in government, we're still controlled by a patriarchal society and the only thing you need to worry about is if you've ever been a sexual assaulter/monster. If you are not a monster, then you have nothing to worry about. 

If you are a monster, we are coming for you.

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