This is Fascism

Welcome to 1933

Stripping people of their citizenship. Calling the free press "the enemy." Lying so many times every week that fact checkers can barely keep up, promoting racism, violence and sexual assault... it's only getting worse, folks, and now that Brazil's joined the fascist club, it's only a matter of time before a new Axis of Evil arises and we're going to be at the heart of it. Last week, Trump announced that he wants to take away the identity of trans people, making people their "assigned gender" at birth. This week, he says he wants to strip babies born on U.S. soil of their citizenship. He also said that we're the only nation that does that, making him ignorant of the dozens of other countries who have the same law.

It's absolutely unbelieveable and yet there are still so many who support this insanity, so many who say that at least he's not Hilary. My progressive friends who didn't vote for her still stand by their choice, maintaining that they helped democracy while voting for an Independent rather than casting a vote that could've gone toward helping Clinton and stopping this madness. Trump is every idea, every trait, that I hope to see go extinct in my lifetime, but with fascism spreading across the world at this alarming rate I fear it won't be any time soon.

I actually googled "how to stop fascism". That's how bleak and hopeless this feels. There wasn't much good advice because how do you deal with real, live monsters? Hopefully voting against them will help on Tuesday.

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