There is No "Two Sides" When It Comes to Nazis

So knock it off

Like 45, plenty of people are saying that "both sides" were violent at a Charlottesville Unite the Right rally this week and we all know that saying something like that is complete baloney. Can you imagine saying that both sides were in the wrong during the Halocaust? That's the kind of reasoning that Donald Trump would have you use, which really doesn't involve much reasoning and a lot of parroting.

There's not a side to support when it comes to neo Nazis. If you don't have the ideology of a white supremacist, then you MUST condemn them, end of story! You don't go all wishy washy about how you don't want to take sides, that "both sides" are violent, blah blah blah. It's the most ridiculous stuff to come out of this presidency. You do not get to remain neutral when Nazis are involved. Just ask the Germans how that went.

Where will you tell your grandkids you were when this happened? As this grows and the administration praises violence and furthers the alt-right agenda, what will you tell them you did?


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