Tax Plan Will Hurt Most Americans

Call to protest this plan today!

Trump is doing all kinds of embarrassing and heinous things, from crying foul over "fake news" being worse than sexual harassment, telling Native American heroes that "we have a Pocahontas," and sharing white supremacist tweets with the world, but it's doing nothing but distracting Americans from what's being done to us behind the curtain--like the terrible GOP tax bill that will put strain on the middle class and eliminate things like the ability to write off expenses for your own small business.

Large corporations, however, remain protected under the plan, which is just outrageous. You won't be able to write off moving expenses for your job, for example, but corporations who move to overseas locations can write those expenses off. It's a plan that rewards the rich, punishes the poor and middle class and only serves to stick a larger wedge in between the two. Call your senators now to voice your opposition to this bill! (855) 999-1663

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