Tax Cut Passes in the Senate

So much for no lasting damage from this administration

So much for the senate coming through for us on this ridiculous tax bill that not only rewards the rich and penalizes the middle class but also somehow promotes drilling in Alaska and redefines life as something that begins at conception. As insane as this sounds, these tiny inclusions here and there are going to leave a lasting impact by building a solid case for the Right to use in creating dangerous policies that affect us all. 

A friend recently told me not to worry, a single administration can't do that much damage. I told her to look at Bush II or Reagan's reign and say the same thing; we're still hurting from "trickle down" economics, terrible environmental policy and businesses being treated like people. This is more of that drivel and it's going to be disastrous for all of us. 

When the majority are against a bill like this, elected officials should listen to their constituents, not their pocket liners. It's time for the American public to issue some pink slips to our representation. Have you called your rep today?

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