Surviving The Day's Politics

How are you holding up?

Between this administration's refusal to do anything about our environmental crisis, which could cause our entire society to collapse within 30 years if ignored, its war on people with uteri and demand to promote the life of a clump of cells over existing people and all the little things--like allowing Russia to hack our elections, instituting tariffs on already broke people and so forth--it's been one of the most stressful times to be alive, especially with the leader of the free world bullies people with his tweets and incites the most misogyny, racism, violence and misinformation on his own. 

So how are you holding up? I've been sick for weeks, since early May, and my family thinks it's related to this chaos. The bad news is if all this gives me an ulcer, I'm definitely not going to survive in a cave like a lot of people are talking about doing. Meh, they will all be flooded anyway. Self-care is overrated in some ways, but it's also underrated when it comes to taking care of your own mental health. Even after stacking up some boundaries for myself lately I still seem to alternate between feeling so panicky, sick enough to vomit or just to crying that I'm kind of at a loss about what to do.

How do you manage a bit of normalcy, even levity, in the face of the upcoming apocalypse? Should we even be trying to do that? Maybe we should all be learning how to snare rabbits and forage for food instead. 

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