Support the Green New Deal

Before it's too late

What are you doing to ensure that this planet doesn't burn up and become unlivable for your children, nieces and nephews within the next 100 years? I'll wait.

I know I'm not doing everything I can to combat global warming. I have enough daily anxiety that makes it difficult to take care of the humans in my home, let alone the world, but since the leaders we have are not only doing nothing to combat the biggest threat to our lives but actively denying it even exists, we really have zero time for thoughts and prayers and "all we need is love" mentality. We should all be so outraged that everything in this country comes to a halt as we boycott everything until leaders do something to combat climate change. You know, like Trump's doing with his own temper tantrum over the wall.

Read about the Green New Deal Congress is proposing. Offer support. Tell your members of Congress that you not only demand action now but that you will ONLY vote for people who act against climate change in the future, too. Maybe we can keep this planet livable for a few more centuries.

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