Stop Betsy DeVos From Selling Student Loans

Will these people ever stop?

Do you remember the days back when abortion drugs were sold door-to-door, we could get loans without just being a credit score number and it was illegal for insurance companies to operate for profit? No? That's because all of these things existed before most of us were born. Your grandparents might remember them, since they all existed before politicians took the reigns to give businesses more power than people. It's true that many things were harder "back then," but some of them were definitely easier, too.

Betsy DeVos has not only helped block student loan debt relief that was previously available to many students, but now she wans to be able to sell our loans to Wall Street for a profit--an act that would not only line their pockets but also cause more pressure on loan holders since there will likely be less flexibility for payment options during hardships. Her plan has a bunch of other garbage wrapped into it, too, like not forgiving loans of students who were taken advantage of by fraudulent colleges, allowing the banks who buy loans to not be held accountable to the same laws current lenders are expected to obey and more. 

Please sign this petition against DeVos's actions and share it widely.

How would DeVos's plan hurt you? Tell us in the chat.

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