Should We Adopt Shorter Work Weeks?

Research shows it might be the smart way to go.

Time and time again, research has proven that shorter work weeks equals more productivity in the workplace. This makes total sense, of course: people can concentrate and perform better when they aren't exhausted and burned out. Yet as advanced as our tech has become, our way of thinking remains woefully behind, especially in the west. Many other countries have shortened their work weeks and had positive results.

Microsoft found that a four-day work week improved productivity by 40%! That's an incredible jump, and while we'd have to address how that would translate in terms of everything from employment and wages to hours of operation, it certainly seems like pursuing.

What do you think of a 4-day or shortened work week? Would it make people more productive? How would we go about ensuring everyone still made a living wage when we don't even do that already? Share your ideas in the chat.

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