Separate Church And State

How are we still arguing over this?

It's 2019, and in a country supposedly founded on religious freedom (yeah, that's ironic), lawmakers who say that god speaks to them or want to make "god's rules" into law are leading the supposed leader of the free world, imposing laws on women's bodies, on gay people, on everyone, while they interpret ancient text to modern life (impossible) and their religious leaders are continually discovered to be child molesters all along. They are happy to pay for abortions for their mistresses and wives while condemning the rest of the people with uteri in this country to death and we're still letting it happen somehow.

Stacked judges, gerrymandering and the deepest, nastiest plots are the tactics these people are using to simultaneously control and kill women while arguing they want less government intrusion in people's lives. Every day I wake up and hope it's all a joke, a bad dream, or that we're some terrible simulation being run by a much more evolved species because if not, is there really any hope alive?

What are you doing to combat the gloom and doom this week? From donating to your local abortion providers, shouting out to businesses that are helping people or simply celebrating pride before that, too, is outlawed, share what you're up to in the chat.

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