Sean Spicer: Fat Shamed?

If so, it's a pretty stupid reason to meet off camera

The White House saga continues to become more laughable, cringe-worthy and downright depressing all at once. What a presidency!

This week the White House is under fire for not holding a press conference throughout the entire month of June, which only makes Trump's possible obstruction charges look even more suspicious than they already do. It's almost like watching a Scooby Doo episode each week. The White House quickly held a press conference later in the day on June 20, but Chelsea Clinton tweeted to the world that the reason Steve Bannon is giving for this entire lack of transparency all month is that it had nothing to do with the information but everything to do with the presenter. Clinton claims that Bannon, who has to be just as fat as Spicer, said that Spicer had gotten too fat to hold press conferences so they simply stopped having them.


Unfortunately this is as real as reality TV gets, folks! What do you think the most outrageous action or statement of this administration has been so far? I'm guessing Trump voters, who knew they were voting for a reality TV star, got what they were after.

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