Russian Trolls Remain A Dangerous Threat

We're all probably talking to one right now...

Remember back when Russia hacking the election was such a scandal but now it's just a normal everyday occurence? "OMG such a troll," is a random comment seen daily in many a social media feed but the reality is that these trolls are still very much in business when it comes to hacking U.S. politics and not much is being done about it. Someone even went undercover and found hundreds of people being employed as trolls, which makes us wonder just who to trust online.

It's like your parents said: don't trust anything you read on the Internet! Only... now our parents trust EVERYTHING they read on the Internet (Boomers are the generation seven times more likely to believe fake news) and pretty much all news is there to begin with, so what do we do? Intense research and no friend making without meeting in person, I say, although that can be really hard to do, too. Meanwhile our politicians really need to crack down on this practice and tackle the actual fake news instead of calling our actual news... fake news. Is this even real? We're all Sims, right?

What do you think can be done about these paid trolls?

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