Russia Is Owning Us In Every Which Way

McConnell doesn't even seem to mind

If we found out that Russia had hacked our election while Obama was in office, he'd have been impeached within two years. This lack of balance of powers is beyond ridiculous and as much as I don't agree with Republicans, I never, in all my life, thought they'd be siding with Russia over America, and yet here we are. Rather than risk their president puppet, Republicans would rather pretend there's no real issue at hand while Russia hacks at us in every which way, from elections to Face Apps.

Oh, you think the app is safe, eh? I'm the kind of person who won't even get an Echo, so you know I don't. But with everything happening right now, I'm not even going to drink stoli, I'm so suspicious. You should be, too. You should be calling your reps and senators every day, telling them to stop Russia from hacking us. Can you believe we even have to do that? When will they ever see this as a threat?

What are you doing to hold this politicians accountable today? Share your actions in the chat and give us all some hope and some ways to act with you!

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