Roy Moore is Gone... Maybe

He lost but he's still demanding recounts

Republican Roy Moore, the accused sexaul pedator running for office in Alabama, was beaten yesterday by Democrat Doug Jones, which led many people to rejoice. While many women came forward to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct, particularly during their teen years, Moore's support largely unwavered by his party. He won the white vote in Alabama and his loss was so narrow that he's demanding a recount right now.

It's interesting, and by interesting I mean puke-inducing, how we can see media stars lose their jobs over sexual misconduct while politicians continue to run and be supported by both their party members and the American public. So many people said that they'd continue supporting him just because he's not a Democrat. It's simply baffling.

What do you think about Jones's narrow victory? Does it bode well for Democrats in terms of next November?


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