RIP, Great Barrier Reef

Scientists declare reef dead after 25 million years

Remember when they warned us in school that the Great Barrier Reef was changing over the years and if we didn’t address climate change, it would die? It died. About 1,400 miles of living coral and the animals that called it home is now not much more than an oceanic wasteland. Scientists have officially declared the Great Barrier Reef to be dead after living for 25 million years. Also known as the Coral Sea wilderness, the Great Barrier Reef has been killed by coral bleaching, which is caused by the warming of the oceans. Over 1,600 animals called the reef home.

If you don’t understand the science between the warming oceans and water expansion, try the new Bill Nye Saves the World show on Netflix. There are visual aids as well as science presented in layman’s terms to help everyone understand what is happening and how we need our political leaders to address it now more than ever—instead of refusing to spend a moment on it, as the Trump administration now says they will do.

What do you think needs to be done to address climate change and coral bleaching? What is our best bet for a solution?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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