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You have to wonder if people who experienced times of turbulence in their nations like the U.S. is currently experiencing ever suspected that fascism might take over, that a dictatorship could arise. I'm not saying that's happening right now, but we are seeing unprecedented accounts of blatant rule violations, barriers to democracy and foreign intrustion into politics like I've never seen in my lifetime. It's definitely something that should be on everyone's radar. 

Each week I try to call, email and sometimes even visit offices or protest in person in order to help this resistance. To be fair, I've always taken action against issues that are important to me but right now it feels more important than ever.

Here are a few things I'm contacting people about this week. Share your own in the chat.

Sierra Club: Protect our water from arsenic contamination.

CREDO Action: Stop Trump from requiring citizenship status in the census.

Common Cause: End gerrymandering! This is especially important to me because it's what caused my district to turn red a few years ago after many years of being blue. It's also how one party will continue to win as long as we have the electoral college.

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