President George H. W. Bush Has Passed Away

USPS Closes Today in Honor of Former President

They say that many spouses die of heartbreak after losing the love of their life. While President George H.W. Bush was suffering from a form of Parkinson's disease and died at a ripe old age of 94, we can still acknowledge that his wife of 73 years died just seven months before he did. It's been said that their marriage lasted so long because he was never able to tell his wife, "No," but no matter the reason why, it's still a remarkable feat to have even known someone that many years, let alone to be married for that long. 

No matter your views on President Bush, it's incredibly sad to picture someone losing both parents like this in the same year. People all across the country are sharing heartwarming stories about the former president, such as the time when he shaved his head for a sick young man, and it's nice to read these stories. Even if you didn't like the man's presidency, hearing stories of good humanitarian acts does us all some good. People are mourning the former president, including the USPS, which will be closed today in honor of his death.

What did you think of Bush's legacy? Share your thoughts and memories in the chat.

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