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What are you reading?

When it comes to political books, I must admit that my favorites are the fictional political intrigue novels rather than nonfiction. A Song of Ice and Fire is one of my favorite series. That said, there are lots of other political books, from those about actual politics to others based more on theories and issues, that interest me, too, and I thought I'd ask about everyone else's favorites.

I've read a lot of left-leaning books, but lately I'm more into books about racism and homophobia. I'm reading Witnessing Whiteness and I'm Still Here is next on my list. A friend of mine is reading it and it looks very enlightening. There's so much to learn, all of the time, and once you think you have a new view that works, something new comes along that blows my mind. 

How about you? What books have changed your world view? Share your current political reads in the chat below. 

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