Pelosi Ripped A New One

I'm still pretty worried. How about you?

OK, it wasn't exactly a Sinead O'Connor moment, but watching Nancy Pelosi rip up Trump's speech was still a pretty special moment of protest. Various representatives, like Rep. Omar, had stated they'd either attend to represent the people Trump would like to keep out of the country, while others, like Ocasio Cortez, said they wouldn't because none of this is normal and he shouldn't be legitimized. I think they're all right answers in response to this circus.

My issue, of course, is the next year, followed by another four years. Will Trump even vacate if he's not elected? Some have implied that he'll just call it a "fake election," but after seeing all of his supporters who love white people and nothing else on Twitter after the State of the Union Address, I wonder if it will even be an issue. And with all of the gerrymandering that's happened, can any of our districts even stand a chance? I feel like using the hashtag #thisishowromefell in response. Or how about #allempiresfallandwerenext? Of course, it's not just our country at stake when global warming is about to wipe us out.

What did you think of the representatives' and senators' responses to the Address?

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