Pelosi Dangles Articles Of Impeachment

As she should

How many bills is Mitch McConnell currently stalling? How long did Republicans stall for Obama's last Supreme Court nomination to ensure it didn't go through? Some may denounce Pelosi's refusal to send the Articles of Impeachment over to our do-nothing (unless it's controlling our bodily autonomy) Sentate but I'm over here applauding it and saying FINALLY. 

We already know there won't be a fair trial from the Senate, AKA Trump's lap dogs, so why should Pelosi get them started on declaring him innocent when he's done SO much more than the charges against him? By the way, Trump's reactions to the whole mess? It's a trainwreck we just can't look away from (but should). I'm still in awe that we have a president who speaks like this in office. 

What do you think will be McConnell's next move--or Pelosi's, for that matter?

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