Outlaw Conversion Therapy Now

This is outrageous.

As a parent, I'm appalled that spanking remains a legal form of punishment for a child. It's illegal to spank anyone from a convicted felon to a dog, which is how it should be, yet our most vulnerable members of society are perfectly fine to knock around? No. It's not okay, and neither is conversion "therapy" for gay kids, which is just as harmful. Both need to be outlawed immediately.

Conversion therapy is legal in a whopping 31 states. Given how it's still legal to discriminate against LGBTQ people in everything from housing to the job market, I guess I can see why, and I can't believe that it's nearly 2020 and these harms are still allowed in our nation. When I read that more than 700,000 LGBT people were subjugated to conversion therapy I cried. I'm crying now as I write this. Can you please just accept the people in your life as they are and stop trying to change them? Therapy is great--I think everyone should be able to talk about their problems with someone who could help them. Conversion therapy is the opposite and every mental health organization agrees that it causes harm. So why do we continue to allow it?

Please sign this petition to ask that it be outlawed and share any other actions you have against conversion therapy in the chat.

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