Our Thoughts Are With Bernie Sanders

May he recover soon!

Bernie Sanders has taken a break from campaigning in order to take care of his health. He has to have some work done on his heart and he is postponing his events indefinitely until he's gotten it all taken care of. We wish him well and hope he has a speedy recovery. This country needs him!

I was a big Bernie supporter last round, although I voted for Hilary in the end, and this time I'm in the Warren camp. I've always loved her and wished she would run 10 years ago when I first started following her. Even so, Bernie is one of the good guys with lots of great work behind him and I can imagine this campaign has been hard on his, and anyone who's running, health.

Please send Bernie your positive thoughts and leave any messages you hope he'll see in the chat! Let's send him lots of good thoughts toward health and healing.

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