No Prison Visits for You

In-prison visits need to be protected

If you're sent to prison, for any reason, you're usually still allowed visitors. It may be on certain dates during certain times, but you can still see your loved ones face to face, which is important since we are, after all, social mammals who need that kind of contact. Now some prisons are canceling all in-person visits, instead forcing inmates to see their loved ones via video chat

Not only does this exclude people who don't have electricity, technology, or electronics at home for whatever reason, but it also cost $12.99 for each 20-minute video chat for visits that used to be free! We already know that our for-profit prison system is unfair and broken, and now we're allowing them to take away visits from loved ones?

Around 600 prisons may already have these policies in place. It's not right. None of it is. Why dehumanize prisoners even further? It's really time to look toward our Scandanavian friends for answers when it comes to the justice system and to abandon the one we've got.

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