No More Killing Contests

California State Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard bans killing contests

While some state land commissioners likely still celebrate the practice of killing animals as a sport, State Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard says that it's "brutal, barbaric and inhumane," and she's banned them in the state of California this month. The law was expressly made to discourge acts like coyote killing competitions on public lands, where hunters take pride in killing the most animals simply because it's legal. 

Before hunters argue, the ban only impacts animals not currently regulated by hunting with permits, so it's possible that in the future, hunters may be able to apply for permits for more species. Several different advocacy groups, including Animal Protection Voters, Project Coyote, WildEarth Guardians and the Sierra Club, all support the decision and stood with the commissioner as she made the announcement.

What do you think of the new law? Do you think that killing competitions have any merit?

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