No Guns For Employee Christmas Presents

It's more irresponsible than gifting a new puppy

You know that gun laws have become grossly undervalued in this country when an employer decides to give all of the staff guns for Christmas gifts. That's what's happening at the company BenShot, which manufactures glassware embedded with bullets because that's apparently a thing. The guns, according to the owner, are intended to promote "safety" and team building, nevermind the fact that research shows that not only does having a gun not stop more crimes but it also increases your chance of dying at home. 

When you can just give away guns for the holidays like they're ugly sweaters or fruitcake, something is very wrong in America. As long as we have the Second Amendment, people can own guns, but there needs to be responsible regulation like background checks and required safety courses for gun owners. We expect more than that for driving a vehicle and we have more restrictions on abortion than owning guns, which is simply outrageous. At least they're not being given away with new bank accounts like toasters...

Do you think companies should give out guns as holiday gifts to their employees?

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