No Citizenship Question on the Census

Don't worry, gerrymandering is still okay...

As courts across the country are stacked with extremist Trump judges, it's beginning to feel a bit hopeless in America, isn't it? I know progressives who think we just need an entire revolution after these past three mad years (which, let's face it, is really a lowball; things have been steadily backpedaling into the 1950s since Reagan), with an entire new system of government, and they don't have a lot of hope for next year's election. I've still got my fingers crossed, even though my candidate isn't leading right now, and this week tricked me into thinking things might be okay when SCOTUS declared a question of citizenship on the Census as unconstitutional.

Then they quickly took my hope away again the same week, declaring gerrymandering perfectly okay. So apparently the effects of not taking a census--which would happen if a person wasn't a citizen and didn't want to reveal that info, of course--are worse than having all of the districts rezoned to better favor conservative candidates. Got you. lolsob

To paraphrase Matchbox 20, if you've got some hope in your pocket, now's the time to pull it out and share, in the chat.

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