Mueller Indictments Begin

What do you think will happen?

Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal finally brought charges forth this week and everyone is anxious to find out what's going to happen. Will Trump himself be affected at all? At the rate Sanders Huckabee, Fox News and Trump's tweets are going, you'd guess not, especially with the current lack of checks and balanced within the system, but everyone can dream. Even if it does happen, there's still Pence, Ryan and co. to contend with (although some say this could even reach Pence).

The weirdest things I've heard about the news involve the people watching it. I've heard about bookies placing bets on the outcome. I've read about Trump supporters who claim they still support him even if he did COMMIT TREASON. How is that making America great, again?

What do you think will come of these charges? Share your predictions in the chat.

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