Move Over, Bernie

Let someone new run

Everyone keeps saying they don't want Hilary Clinton to run again, but here I am saying that Bernie Sanders should also move over this time around. It's not that I don't like Bernie--or either candidate, for that matter; I admire and like many things about both of them, and I don't like or admire other things about them, which is what I'll say about everyone else who's running for Democratic office, too. Nobody is perfect, but with all due respect, I'd like someone in office who will be directly impacted by the decisions they will make, someone more in touch with our youth and the problems we're facing, who will make climate change their top priority.

Who do I support out of all of these candiates? I have no idea. I've wanted Elizabeth Warren to runs since I fell in love with her maybe a decade ago, so I do like that idea, but honestly there are so many qualified candidates that could be just what we need that I don't even know myself yet. What I do know is that I want someone younger, who will make decisions out of self-preservation just as much as out of constituent demand, because they'll feel those consequences, too!

Who do you think should run for office against Trump? Who do you think has the best chance against him?

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