More School Shootings And Nobody Blinks

So we're just going to live like this?

Is it really so hard to find a at least a little disgust, a little sorrow, when more students are shot in schools in America? How about two school shootings? Three in a week? What will it take for people to finally stop allowing this to happen? The NRA needs to back off immediately and help support the protection of American lives rather than rally around every tragedy as if it's a fun opportunity to swap gun stories, for starters.

But we have to stop electing people who kowtow to the NRA at the same time, and it's the perfect year to do just that. When you cast your ballots this fall, keep that in mind. Look at who takes the big bucks from the gun lobby and work as hard as you can to get them out. Children are dying daily while these fat cats get their paychecks from a bunch of gun nuts who don't care about anything but, well, guns. Nobody is after their guns, and common sense gun laws are just that--common sense. To fight them is to support the death of kids across this country, so stop it.

Share the names of those who refuse to bow to the NRA below in the chat so we know who to vote for. Share those who are, too, so we know who to block from office.


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