Mike Pence Touches NASA "Do Not Touch" Sign

Because listening is hard

Have you seen the photo of Mike Pence touching NASA equipment that clearly states "Critical Space Flight Hardware: Do Not Touch"? The Internet had a ball meming it to death, and with good reason, since this idiot who calls himself our veeper does not only NOT understand how women's bodies work, NOT trust himeself enough to be left alone in a room with a woman alone other than "Mother," the name that he uses for his wife and NOT respect NASA well, but he also claims that he touched the equipment because "Rubio dared me to." 

Are you freaking kidding me?

This is explicitly sensitive material and you are going to touch it on a DARE? It's like we have a bunch of stupid frat boys running this country right now. It's so painful that it can't be funny, even though it sounds like a really bad comedy film.

Your vice president, ladies and gentlemen.

Any other stupid politician stories to share this week? Post them in the chat.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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