Mike Pence and Religious "Freedom" Restoration Act

New signs of dissatisfaction with Gov. Mike Pence's job performance have begun popping up around Indianapolis. They come after weeks of protests and threats of boycotts hammered Indiana over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed by the governor last month. The signs - which read "Pence Must Go" - are the work of Kevin Warren, who said he felt compelled to do something after RFRA was signed into law. "The fix was not a fix. I'm not going to let this die for the next 18 months and then see Mr. Pence reelected." The signs sell for $10 a pop, and Warren says he's already moved 500 of them. For his part, the governor seemed unperturbed by the signs. "Next year will be plenty of time for politics," Pence said. "Right now, my focus is on the future of Indiana, and the future of Indiana is very bright." Warren's efforts come in the same week as a new poll from Bellwether Research which claimed Pence's approval rating has dropped to 45 percent - down from 62 percent in February.

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