The Midterms are Coming!

Are you ready?

You're probably sick of the attack ads and all of the flyers at your house (unless you use them to line your bird cage or something), have already been asked if you know where your polling place is and have a plan to vote already... but do you really? Election Day is rapidly approaching and I just realized it's a day I don't have a car. We have a one-car home and my husband works that day, so it will be gone from 5 AM until 6:30 when he gets home. In the spring, we were able to just barely make it for the primaries, but I just don't know about this one. 

See, this is why we need a national holiday for Election Day, or polls open for longer hours for people like nurses who work for 12 hour shifts, sometimes longer. There are so many things we could do to encourage more voting and instead there are all of these creeps out there making it harder to vote on people of color, indigenous people and anyone who might oppose them.

Many people think there's going to be a "blue wave" this fall but others remain fearful that it's not even possible after all of the gerrymandering that has taken place. What do you think will happen in November?

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