Medicaid Laws Cause Couples to Divorce in States Like Kentucky

My state's another that refused to expand Medicaid

When you hear about people separating because of politics, you likely think it's because of differences of opinions. You probably don't consider the idea that it's because they couldn't get health coverage if they stayed married, which is exactly what happened to Linda and Larry Drain, who have been sweethearts since college, married in 1981 and divorced for four years so Linda could continue to get the life-saving medicine she needs to live.

Linda has terrible seizures, sometimes 20 a day, and without her medicine, she'll die. When Larry retired, the government decided that he made too much for them to qualify for Medicaid--too much meaning $1,000 per month, an amount he struggles to even purchase food on--so in order to save her life, the two had to separate so she could get her medicine on her own. This is absolutely disgraceful and outrageous. Politicians always talk about how they care about seniors but they let this happen! All because they wouldn't expand Medicaid.

In my state, Missouri, the government has refused to expand Medicaid as well. We can't call ourselves a great nation when so many other nations take care of their people better than we do. It's time for universal healthcare NOW.



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