March for Our Lives

Will you be marching?

This Saturday, March 24, will be the day of the March for Our Lives event across the country. The mission is simple: the people demand that their lives become a priority over guns and that school shootings be stopped. It is outrageous when a politician can enact legislation against storing pets in plane storage one day after a terrible act yet still remain inactive on this issue after deaths every week.

More than 90 people die every day due to gun violence in America, but they don't have to die. This is not the price for freedom but the price for the senselessness of no restrictions in place. We can and should do better, and if these politicians don't wise up they'll all be replaced with Emma Gonzalez and her friends very shortly!

Will you be marching this weekend? Click the link to find one near you and tell us about it in the chat.

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