Living To Save The Planet

We Kinda Have To

As scientists warn that we only have a short time left to fix our home before it becomes uninhabitable for humans and the rest of the organisms who live here (or most of them, anyway; I have my money on the giant squid becoming the next dominant species), it's time that we all made some big changes in our lives. Yes, much of the onus of this tasks is on a select few industries cutting their carbon footprints because without that, we may as well be doomed, but we're all going to have to do our part in any way we can.

That means eating less meat--for most people. (I don't know everyone's dietary restrictions and needs, but I do know that red meat is a huge cause of deforestation.) That means buying less and cutting the packaging we use, reusing our own shopping bags, not buying wasteful or throw-away items... Again, this won't be possible for every single person. Some people with disabilities need some of these items and until there's a good solution, that's what they have. I'm talking about those who are able. 

We need to plant 20 million trees. We need affordable clean energy. We need so much, yet it's all possible, and for the naysayers who claim that global warming isn't real... what's the worst that will happen if we just try to stop it anyway? We have a cleaner, healthier planet where we can breathe cleaner air? 

What do you think we can all do, today, to help?

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