Live Impeachment Discussion

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Is there really anything else on our minds today than impeachment proceedings? (God, yes, so much, from England's election results to every scary and terrible thing, ever, and the fact that kids are still in cages while everyone's going on about the holidays, and that apparently being accused of rape isn't an impeachable offense and...) Really, though, it's on all our minds, and if he's not impeached, it's going to set a very dangerous precedent. 

There are people saying he's going to be able to run for a third term, folks. This is unreal. Clinton can get impeached for something that most presidents have probably done, but Trump can get away with everything under the sun and still have supporters? How?

If you're not watching live, you can see it here. If you are watching, what do you think so far? How do you think it's going to go?