LGBTQ-Free Zones in Poland

This is an outrage.

Poland seems to be extremely anti-LGBTQ. It's so bad that the country has over 80 towns declaring themselves to be "LGBTQ-free zones," which pretty much translates to bigoted zones to many people around the globe. How is this still happening when 2020 approaches? 

Thank goodness that the European Parliament just voted to stop this practice, but that doesn't change the fact that this mindset exists and the conservative government in Poland--much like many of the conservative governments in power around the globe, including in the United States--is just peachy with banning people for being... people. And with more elections looming (or already completed with horrifying results), a lot of us are left scared wondering where this world's headed.

Aside from voting to stop the hate, what else can we do about the current political climate both at home and worldwide? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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