At Least 150 Killed in Mosul Attack

Attack targeted few ISIS fighters

In an attempt to take the Iraqi city of Mosul back from ISIS control, at least 150 civilians were killed in bombings after the people of the city were instructed to not flee. Most nations agree that the United States isn’t working hard enough to ensure that there aren’t civilian casualties, and given that citizens were instructed to remain home several times, there has been much outrage over the violence in the city.

All of this death in Mosul, the same city where two of Saddam Hussein’s children were killed, was reportedly to kill a handful of ISIS members, and some citizens report being forced back into their homes as they attempted to flee.

There are really no words to describe how horrible this situation is, but there’s definitely need for further investigation as well as some accountability and deeper precautions by those involved.


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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