The Latest in Trump Disasters

because who can keep up?

Hours ago I had planned on writing something about a court nominee but lo and behold, now Trump's declaring that he will deport refugees from the Vietnam War now because that is SUCH a priority, not to mention a mensch thing to do. I still can't believe this guy. I'm located somewhere between jaw-dropping, outraged disbelief and the terrible, cryogenic state of numbly accepting it all because hey, what would this guy not do?

In other news, Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in jail and we're all left wondering...when will Trump be charged?

Trump is using an attack on French soil to call for more security in the U.S. because of course he is.

I can't keep up with Trump's flip flopping over everything from the government shutdown to pretty much anything he says, can you? Reading the news for 15 minutes makes me have a panic attack these days.

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