Kids Keep Dying in U.S. Custody

The Shame Of Our Time

As migrant children continue to die in our custody, be assaulted by their "caregivers" and never see their parents again, are you thinking about how this makes us monsters? What on earth are we going to do about this? There's absolutely nothing that can be done to make up for the harm already inflicted, but the children that are still in custody need to be reuinited with their families. Meanwhile, there are only plans for more beds and more horror as Trump insists we have a border crisis that needs a wall and not a crisis that his own administration has created.

We all know this is going to go down as bad, if not worse, as our Japanese internment camps? How terrible we'll look in our history books? I can't even imagine what other nations are thinking as we allow this to happen, and I don't even know how to fight it, do you? I think impeachment is a good place to begin.

What are you doing to subvert the Trump agenda? Share your actions in the chat.


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