Kathy Griffin's Beheaded Trump Pic


Oh, Kathy. D list or not, I've always cheered for you, but this is a bit too far.

Kathy Griffin posed with a beheaded Donald Trump today, and she's already apologized for the poor taste she exhibited for the photograph, but holy cow. This is beyond comedy. If you pose with a living president in such a violent way, its bordering treasonous. I'm not saying that Griffin should get any kind of punishment for her actions due to A. free speech and B. the fact that nobody seemed to get into any trouble when they inappropriately posed with caricatures of President Obama in a violent manner, but as liberal and against Trump as I am, I can't support this. 

Griffin has also joked that she may have to move to Mexico after this, so she had to know it was going to cause some backlash. No matter how much you hate anyone, displaying them dead isn't an answer. In fact, I would say that it harms your cause.

What do you think of Griffin's actions here?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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