Kamala Harris Drops Out

Democrat leaves presidential race

Moments ago I received an email from the Kamala Harris campaign stating that she was suspending her campaign due to lack of funds, but we all know that Harris also hasn't been covered nearly as much as she should have been during this race--especially in regards to Joe Biden, whose coverage is still baffling. Although I've been a Warren supporter a decade before she'd even decided to run, my heart aches because Harris was my second choice, would have been great, and is a much better choice than many of those left chasing this presidency.

Many people I know are hopeless and think that no one stands a shot against Trump, and I have to admit I'm right there with them--but not because of lack of candidates. We have great candidates. No, I'm worried about Russian interference, Facebook influence, and most of all, gerrymandering in terms of the local races and the Electoral College across the nation for the presidential one. Until that's abolished we're going to keep seeing the popular vote lose and it's going to keep hurting us.

What do you think of this news? Were you hoping for President Harris? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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