Just Say No to Trump's Birth Control Rules

And no to "moral medicine," period

When it comes to medicine, things should be left to the experts, in which most cases include the medical team and the person whose body is in question and knows said body best. Your employer, the government, and everyone in between has zero say on whether or not you get your tonsils removed, get breast augmentation or laser surgery on your eyes, so why in the heck would they have a say on whether or not you can get birth control on "moral grounds?" That's what Trump and co are trying to make happen, even though federal courts have already ruled that it's not legal. 

We are so tired of these people worrying more about our bodies than their own. Why don't they worry about threats like wildfires and global warming and homelessness and VA benefits instead? If you think it's none of your employer's business whether or not you use birth control (ahem, it's not), click here and add your name in support. Nearly every woman I know who uses prescription birth control has an additional reason for using it other than pregnancy prevention, and even if they didn't, opting to not get pregnant if you don't want to be is one of the most responsible choices a person can make.

Get out of our bedrooms and our bodies, Republicans. Move along with the future and stop condemning us all to die.

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