Jeff Merkley Leads the Senate in a Filibuster Against Gorsuch

Will another Dem step up to the plate afterward?

It’s moments like these when progressives have hope against a Republican-controlled House and Senate. Senator Jeff Merkley is currently speaking against Gorsuch, and he’s been on the floor for over 14 hours at this point. This is an exhausting undertaking and the senator is proving his mettle, earning him praise from people from all facets of the Left today.

Since the Republican takeover, even some Democratic leaders have scoffed at protests from voters. Missouri’s Claire McCaskill alienated her longtime supporters by commenting that they were acting like “Tea Partiers” in their daily calls, emails, letters and protests as they asked her to stand against nearly everything the Trump Administration and Congress has pushed forward.

Does Merkley’s filibuster give you hope? Do you think that Gorsuch will be blocked from SCOTUS as a result?

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