How The French Strike

It seems we've learned nothing

When we look around the world, we often see people protest fascism, inequity and inhumane condtions. We also see people stick it to those who are hurting others, namely people in power or the wealthy. So when the French electrical workers on strike cut the power to law enforcement and the wealthy while restoring it to the poor... it says a lot. Not only about the French, but about Americans.

Americans have bought into this idea that they, too, can be wealthy one day if they just follow the rules and pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Of course most people will never be wealthy, but they want it so much they become little Pick Me drones, rah-rahing for the rich while complaining that the poor are just too lazy. 

This is why we'll never win, folks. Keep blaming one another while the rich do what they want and you keep their system going. 

So how do you think we should be more equality to American soil?